Stevnerapport Mjøssvøm: Vestbyen har nå fem NM-svømmere!

Vestbyen has participated in this year’s Mjøssvøm which is one of Norway’s prestigious swim competition.

The competition took place in Hamar and every year gathers couple of hundreds swimmers from all over the country and abroad.

The competition was held from 10-12.May in Ankerskogen Svømmehall. The total of 428 swimmers in male and female category, from 38 clubs have gathered this year in Hamar.

Representing Vestbyen, our swimmers had tremendous weekend behind, where they have set many personal best results again, while some of them get qualifications for both summer and next winter Junior and Senior NM.

Vestbyen IL Svømming took a part in Mjøssvøm 2016 with 8 swimmers (3 girls & 5 boys) who have swam very well and have done good job all together.

The motivation and desire to reach their best times has resulted our mixed medley relay to get Senior NM qualifying time for next winter’s nationals.

Swimmers who were swimming for Vestbyen in the relay are:

Sigrid Steen
Iver Ørbog
Jonas Roseth
Martine Selvik

That was a great ‘wind on back’ for Maximilian Westen Aune to push himself hard and reach qualifying time for 50m breaststroke.


All of other swimmers who represented the club (Tomine H. Fjorden, Martin Moldsvor and Jonas Johansen) have improved their race times in the events they were preparing for earlier.

Their coach Darijan Milojkovic was also very satisfied after the end of competition.
We congratulate to the entire team for achieved results!