Darijan om treningsleiren: – Forbered deg på fysiske og mentale utfordringer

hovedtrener Darijan

This year’s summer camp which will take place in Pulawy, Poland is important because our swimmers will “finely tune” for the upcoming jrNM and competition in Stockholm.

Even though the timing (in a relation to when swimmers need the type of training provided) is not perfect for hard workouts, we are going to keep our primary goals as we have set/decided in October 2015.

Our swimmers should expect workouts where we are going to practice more race elements and trying to reduce number of errors during race-pace swimming.

Everyone should know that a training camp represents both mental and physical test and requires full devotion where it is expected from each swimmer individually to be fully focused during the trainings.

Since training camps like the one in Poland are usually well-planned and well-run, the swimmers may get the following benefits from it:

– The added training stimulus that comes from a change in venue (swimmers will get a feeling in 50m long pool and stay sharp until main competitions
– improved climatic condition
– different training partners (mixed A and B group swimmers)
– suitable accommodation close to the training venue
– correct and controlled meals
– support staff (medical, massage, etc.)I do expect from all camp participants to behave in accordance with real sportsman spirit and act professionally.

That way, we can get a complete benefits from this training camp which should result with the best times our swimmers will swim on jrNM in Kristiansand and international swim competition in Stockholm, both competitions in July 2016.

Kind Regards, Darijan